Solar Kiosk

Designing a transportable solar kiosk solution that empowers solar entrepreneurs to expand their business opportunities in rural Tanzania

For the startupĀ Juabar, a solar kiosk was designed that powers connectivity in rural communities in Tanzania. The kiosk enables people to pursue new and more efficient ways of making a living by providing phone charging and internet connectivity. With the limited availability and reliability of grid electricity, the kiosk acts as an energy hub, accelerating development to better living standards.




Product Design
User research & evaluation

Starting point the original Juabar Solar Kiosk. Mobile yet small with little shade for the owner.

Ideation of the redesigned Juabar solar kiosk, playing with (semi) permanent solutions with more space and shade without compromising mobility.

Prototype of the concept to test logistics, usability and performance.

Redesign adding more shade and additional hotspot services.

The definitive Juabar solar kiosk redesign.

The prototype in Morogoro, Tanzania