Dopper Water Tap

Designed with circularity in mind and designed to change behaviour

With the introduction of the Dopper Water Tap, Dopper takes the mission to end packaged water to the next level. As a product developer at Dopper I was responsible for the water tap from idea to product as internal product designer and manager of the development process with partners.

The Dopper Water Tap is designed to change behaviour by making it easier, more fun and more obvious to refill your water bottle. Research agency Tabula Rasa helped identify key behaviour and touch-points with potential users, shaping the design strategy in an evidence based way. During the iterative process that followed key functionalities were continuously evaluated and improved to meet our mission and expectations.

The water tap itself is designed with circularity in mind. With measurable impact and commitment throughout the supply chain the water tap is set up for the continuous improvement process of a cradle to cradle certification.

Since launch the Dopper Water Tap has been adopted by Albert Heijn and Schiphol Airport Retail to ban single use plastic waste.




Project Management


Roos Spekman
Teun van Henten
Gijs Timmermans


Red Dot Design Award 2023
iF Design Award 2023
European Green Award (Nominee) 2023
GIO (Goed Industrieel Ontwerp) 2023

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