Medical Beacon

Giving first responders accurate information about their patient so they can provide personal care in emergency situations

Medical Beacon is a Yes!Delft Student Startup using technology and user research to strategically create a desirable proposition and viable business model. Through this approach we found out that in more than 25% of the emergency situations, there is not enough information available for first responders to adequately treat the patient. Medical Beacon bridges this gap on site by instantly providing the necessary information to ambulance personnel in an effective and secure way.

In my role I created physical and digital prototypes to validate the value proposition with users and the business model with potential investors and partners.


Medical Beacon


Product Design
User Experience Design


Yes!Delft Incubator’s ‘Ready to Startup’ competition – 1st Place

Validation User Interface for user experience tests with the target group

Prototype Proof of concept with a smartphone and a bluetooth powered Arduino.